About Us Idiots

It's not important who wrote this blog, we are utter nobodies in the grand scheme of things, however we are sure some people question the motives of the people behind a blog like this, so us idiots are willing to share a few basic details. The idiots consist of a group of  8 (or more, a few "researchers" also contributed) independent day traders at various levels of account size and success, scattered across three continents. Four of the idiots have personally had comments deleted from Turner's blogs over the years. One of the idiots' parents actually acted on some of Turner's "advice" some years ago and lost money. (Nortel) 

The idiots would like it noted that they have gone to a great deal of effort to add credibility to the site (because there are so many frauds out there) by showing live in real-time, that these daytrading idiots can do what they say they can do, i.e. read markets in advance, consistently take money out of the markets, and have even given away valuable trading information to anybody who understands what they are looking at and takes the time to get it. This was done purely because we can, even with (or maybe because of;) our idiotic viewpoints. 

Idiots obviously have their own opinions on all kinds of things, but never assert that they are or will always be correct about the future, (only fools do that) however they do think that their views on the world more perfectly reflect the behavior of markets and asset prices thus far, than other more foolish explanations, and so prefer to stick to their own idiotic views than listen to fools.  On the whole, the idiots would assert that anyone would have been and still could be much better off listening to idiots than fools over the years.

The idiots have tried very hard to stick to actual facts, even if they comment with alternate idiotic views. They only ever wanted to reflect reality, not make it look worse than it is.

But to be frank, that would actually be difficult

Mr Turner, when you read this, an apology for your poor record over the years and some humility henceforth is in order. If you don't try to live a lie, you wont need to heavily censor your comments.

Censorship of public information and the facts cannot work on the internet, nor should or will it ever be tolerated. After that and depending on your attitude, certain idiots might be willing to discuss settlement of their member's parent's case including perhaps the future of this site.

However what they will definitely be doing going forwards is fading your advice, because us idiots much prefer trading high probability setups, and your (180 degree out) record is simply easy money.

See The Anti_Turner ETF, if you didn't already. 


  1. wow, you guys are frickin idiots.

  2. "It's not important who wrote this blog"
    Actually it is. Garth puts his name and photo on his blog. I know it's him , who he is where he is coming from. I have no idea who you people are. May I respectively suggest that you person up and identify yourselves

  3. so says the anonymous blog doggie. ..not that the idiots have the faintest interest in who you are either, it should be noted. you may suggest whatever you like but the idiots would first refer you here:

    "We are willing to discuss the facts, data, dates, quotes and performance"

    all content on the site is sourced from the public internet, and cited, if you have issues with facts or accuracy they will be reviewed, otherwise this conversation is over.

  4. Hey Folks.

    After getting nothing but nasty replies from Mr. Turner on his Greater Fool site, I decided to have a look at what he was all about and his track record on financial advice. What a joke. He has glommed onto the whole housing crash thing, which has been patently obvious for years, and uses it as his publicity vehicle to sell books and probably referral to his investment service. The world is all Unicorns and fairy farts to him. Anyone with a dissenting opinion is painted as an idiot. I wonder when his first CNBC appearance will happen. People say he is a magnificent writer..... Dear God.

    1. i agree i question whether he has any real investments it seems to me his only theme is selling books

  5. CNBC regularity would be awesome, all that fresh new trading material. The idiots are confident he would soon rise to the level of the other contrarian greats, Dennis Gartman and Whitney Tilson.

    Never was there surer foolish money available for idiots to bank than when these guys tell you their latest trades.

  6. Has he ever threatened to lawyer up and take this site down?

  7. for what exactly? researching every public prediction with too much accuracy? Google's TOC's are very specific and the idiots haven't broken any of them.


    Blogger is a free service for communication, self-expression and freedom of speech. We believe Blogger increases the availability of information, encourages healthy debate, and makes possible new connections between people.

    We respect our users' ownership of and responsibility for the content they choose to share. It is our belief that censoring this content is contrary to a service that bases itself on freedom of expression.

    it would also just go back up immediately on Swedish hosted Wordpress and a custom domain name.

    Frying Pan => Fire

    Mr Turner has exactly the same rights here as anyone visiting his blog.

    1. I would imagine he has no interest in drawing attention to this site. I agree, you have put together excellent information. Thank you.

  8. This site is even more pathetic than the angry realtors who post on Garth's blog. Congrats on reaching a whole new low!

    Let me guess: you guys are realtors with extra time on their hands due to the very same real estate correction Garth has predicted all along?

    Thought so.

    1. Did you bother to run through his track record? If you are going to be putting yourself out their you should be able to stand behind your record. Canadian Peso, anyone?

    2. Oh, and by the way, I agree that we may be facing a terrible housing correction which will be pretty nasty for a lot of Canadians.

    3. I meant there, not their. Don't like typos...Pretty sophisticated analysis for a bunch of realtors.

    4. Let me guess: you guys are realtors with extra time on their hands due to the very same real estate correction Garth has predicted all along?

      Thought so.

      you little lady doggy are clearly a moron. the idiots have shown in great detail why they don't give a shit about property prices, housing collapses, realtors, or even Canada. it is not the idiots' fault if morons don't understand what they're told.

  9. If you search for Garth Turner Greater fool, this blog is #2 in the list.

    1. Tough for anyone to argue against the facts put together here.

  10. If any Greater Fool Blogdogs look at this, they sure are quiet about it.

  11. Great site! Came here because I'm sick of hearing about Garth predicting the housing crash for the past 5 years.. anyone can predict a market correction if they keep spouting the same fear for 5+ years... still hasn't happened.

    Great to know he's as much of an idiot with predicting financial markets as well.

    The Greater Fool?? Anyone who follows a false prophet.. or for that matter any prophet

    1. i agree with you but he's been wrong on the housing market for more than 10 years you would have missed some awsome gains if you followed his advice which gets to my next point is i learned a long time ago not to listen to the gurus most of the time their wrong study things for yourself and do your own thinking you can't do any worse than garth turner

  12. Hey guys. Good information here. Check this out.


    The second clip is a radio interview. Caught in a lie.

    Has he just ignored this site? No nastygram to the idiots?

  13. Keep up the great work. Its remarkable that people listen to this serial failure posing as a prophet. For a laugh maybe you could investigate what happened to his survivalist business "xurbia"? Now the site just sells his books of misdirection.

  14. Oh, Haiii! GOOD THING I get out of this story-ville blog and bought a bank sale house back in 2012, fix up20k, turn around and sell it and made a 100 grand in hand just over a year, oh yeah! I followed the fool for a few months trusting a money freak thinking he's outsmart (actually a dump psychopath - I know only later).
    100K in a year baby, and I'm traveling!

  15. Oh By the way, I'm not the anonymous way ABOVE, so I should called myself Anti_Anonymous! BOOOO! Hate that guy and Garth with passion!

  16. Turner may not be right 100% of the time ...... but unlike you .....he didn't set up a blog to slander you ..... did he?
    "anyone can predict a market correction if they keep spouting the same fear for 5+ years" Yes, you are right. It's hard to predict the effect Government actions like 1% interest rates or the end runs provided by banks and private mortgage firms around the zero down payment rules. Don't forget sales statistics that get magically massaged upwards each year. Only a real estate agent on the Titanic would tell you it's a lovely day to go sailing while the water was rising around your ankles.

    All projections in economics assume "ceteris paribus" (it's a Latin phrase meaning "all other things being equal or held constant". Since few things are constant, it takes extraordinary luck to time the market. If you're smart, you get out before it peaks. If you're lucky, you get as it peaks. If you're like most players, you panic on the free fall down and settle for a lot less than if you had chosen #1.

    The drop in the price of oil and the Canadian dollar will no doubt have interesting and sometimes unpredictable effects on the Canadian housing market in the future. Garth predicts a slow steady decline. Let's all hope he's right. A sudden drop off like the USA in 2009 would be devastating to the debt soaked population of Canada. Stats Can guestimated our national debt to income ratio to be 163.6% in December, 2014.

    Will the lower dollar cause an influx of manufacturing firms into Southern Ontario? If you believes this is so ..... buying houses in Windsor, Chatham & London would be a great idea. Just remember, if you buy, sell or renovate houses (100K in a year baby!), even your principal residence too often, the lovely folks are Revenue Canada may invite you in for a coffee. Keep your receipts ... Been there, done that ....

  17. Glad I found you guys here (though no recent posts). Yesterday I tried to post on Garth's site but he deleted the comment and did not post it.

    Here is the post I sent based on him continually calling home buyers fools or idiots:

    “Garth, today you used the word fool. In fall of 2009 when I posted that I had just signed to purchase a home you used idiot. Your words: “Are you the idiot that just purchased the Leaside house on a 30 foot lot for $1M?” I wasn’t. I bought a duplex near Chaplin for a little less where my family lived for 6 years until we moved this spring. We purchased with 5% down and after adding a basement income apartment our living costs were less than our prior rent. Did we sell because I thought the housing market had topped out? Not really. It was a chance to cash out near 900k proceeds for retirement, buy a house with cash in a resort area and put a couple hundred large into investments to make more money. Investing is better than not investing and there are many ways to make money.”
    On reflection, I’m pretty sure his goal is to promote his wealth management business and my post of course does not align to that. In my view his ‘diversified portfolio’ approach disregards the risks of market down periods (which you idiot traders appear to have figured out nicely). Especially I think his housing comments are overly strident considering he’s continued to be wrong for as long as Brian Ripley’s Plunge O Metre.
    My favourite comment about Garth was from Sherry Cooper who said: “Even a stopped clock is right once every 12 hours.” I’m sure you don’t need me to guess how much the idiots $1M Leaside house is worth now.

  18. Was mocked on greaterfool.ca for buying a new townhouse in vancouver back in 2012, with 5% downpayment. After government rebate of 10K cash, used about about 20K of my own money (RRSP FTHB - so i actually used about 15K of my cashflow)

    Just renewed my mortgage at 2.3%. Have over a quarter million in equity in the place now. My principal + interest is far less than rental prices.

    With a young family, I made the right decision.

    Not buying probably would have been a life-long regret.

    Thank God I ignored Garth.

  19. I posted the following and he deleted it promptly as it doesn't align with his business:


    Low interest rates are the norm. Garth, keep dreaming about the interest rate going up.

    Read the first para: "those in the financial system need to adapt to the reality of slower growth and associated low interest rates"

  20. Garth Turner is the worst of the worst!

    Prognosticating about everything and getting wrong over and over and over YET alot of fools still worship the ground he walks on.

    Garth dead wrong on real estate in Canada for a record 8 STRAIGHT YEARS MINIMUM. Losing followers of his crap blog YEARS of double digit real estate gains.

    Garth dead wrong on interest rates rising AT LEAST 6 years straight.

    Garth wrong on Brexit.

    Garth wrong on Trump election.

    Garth wrong on Bre ex.

    Garth wrong on just about every prognostication he's giving.

    Garth Turner is a fraud. A false prophet. Has no idea how markets work. Has his stupid ass looking fking dog pics there only for the "AWWW" factor from people to give him that mass appeal.

    He is status quo, has no idea about how the Blue collar live, is so very not cool just because he has a Harley which is so lame, labels anyone a racist or homophobic or whatever you want to throw at a Trump supporter or Brexit supporter.

    This guy is the worst ever.

    I only read his blog now for one reason, the comments section. To see someone take him to task and watch him squirm through another response of excuses and double talk esp now since Asian money is a factor in VAn real estate when he denied it for years.

    This guy Garth is the ultimate of failed prophets pre internet status quo shit.

    Please all read this and NEVER follow false prophets again.

    By the way, he has blocked me from posting bc I became too much of a challenge for him to allow me to post, which means he ONLY posts things that mildly disagree with him or outright worships him so there's no free speech on his blog so you ultimately are reading filtered comment propaganda.

    Garth Turner is total BS!


  21. I’m one of the bloody fools who was convinced by Garth’s constant forecasts of doom from 2009 onward.

    Now I’m forced to consider buying light years away from the area I could have once afforded, and can't stomach adding up the thousands of I've thrown away renting in the last 8 years when I first considered buying into the market.

    Garth Turner is an arrogant, egotistical fraud.